Aeblekage (Danish Apple Cake)

Aeblekage (Danish Apple Cake)

A great Thanksgiving dessert! This month's recipe from The Ellis Island Immigrant Cookbook comes from, Nadjeschala Overgaard, who was born in Siberia in 1905.

Her father was sent to Russia in the early 1900s to establish creameries by the Danish government. He returned to Denmark in 1904 to bring his new bride to live in Russia. The family came back to Denmark in 1910 just ahead of the Revolution. 

Again, the father set off this time to America to seek his fortune.  In 1916, his wife, Anna, her mother, and two other children made the long journey to America, thus going through Ellis Island. Nadjeschala's memory of Ellis Island as a child was "People, people everywhere, long lines, hysterical children, and much confusion and anxiety as everyone was checked for disease - they pushed us around like cattle."

Aeblekage (Danish Apple Cake) 

3 cups bread crumbs 
1/4 cup butter 
1/2 cup sugar 
3 cups apples or applesauce 
1 cup whipping cream 
2 tbsp. sugar 
red jelly for decoration


  1. Brown crumbs in skillet with butter and sugar.

  2. Arrange crumb mixture and applesauce in alternate layers on serving dish.

  3. Chill.

  4. Whip cream with 2 tbsp. and sugar and put on top of cooled mixture.

  5. Decorate with dabs of red jelly.



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