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Volunteering with Save Ellis Island has given me the opportunity to walk in my ancestors’ footsteps, and share part of their story as well as deepen my own learning through working with other volunteers and the Park staff. Everyone brings such a rich diversity of knowledge, interests, and their own personal & professional background. ~ Save Ellis Island volunteer Matt Funk

Save Ellis Island offers the opportunity to support our mission by volunteering on Ellis Island.

History, art, preservation, education, architecture and the history of medicine all come alive at the Ellis Island Hospital Complex. Share the rich past of Ellis Island through our education and public programs. Contribute your time and skills to a cause you believe in.

Help us tell the story of Ellis Island.

To become a Volunteer or for more information contact Barbara McCarrick at (973) 383-1080 or email: bmccarrick@saveellisisland.org.

Contact Us to Become a Volunteer

Above: Watch Delphine Darmency's tour documentary narrated by longtime volunteer Andy Lauro and SEI’s Director of Operations John McInnes.

Forgotten objects, persons, and histories transform the ruin into a melancholic landscape in which material memories and emotions come alive.  The materiality of memory and emotion evoke vivid imaginings of unknown past persons and past sensory scapes as they emphasize the materiality of absence. The ruin allows for visitors to feel close to these imagined persons by encouraging visitors to engage with objects in intimate ways.  The engagement of these sites and objects is the result of contemporary turn to ruins. ~ Natalie Write

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