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“So we took the hard hat tour of the hospital and it was phenomenal!!! Our tour guide was Jim and we couldn't have asked for a better guide. He was super knowledgeable, impassioned, and just a joy to listen to. I highly recommend putting this on your list if you love history. Also for people like me who like broken down buildings, you need to visit also. All the money goes to preserving this really important part of history, which is so important. Give it a try and you won't be sorry!” ~ Lynn S.

“We were also there on July 26th and took the Hard Hat tour through the hospital with Jim! He knew everything about the hospital and was able to answer any question asked. He made the tour so interesting and informative...he has a real interest in what he is doing and he is able to get others interested in Ellis Island. Many thanks to Jim for everything!” ~ Sandi D.


“This hard-hat tour led by Barbara of Save Ellis Island was truly amazing! Not only did we get to see areas of Ellis Island that are normally off-limits but we also learned so much about the history of the Island and the immigration process that took place there and have a new found appreciation of how it must have been for our relatives who came in through Ellis Island in the early 1900s.” ~ James and Karla


“We would highly recommend this tour to everyone interested in a crucial part of American history and also to anyone who loves to see photogenic abandoned areas of an old hospital complex (including the morgue!).” ~ Bradley L.


“This tour was fantastic! We went with less than 10 people, so it was also really intimate. Our guide, John McInnes was a wealth of knowledge and really made this tour for me. He was incredibly helpful with the logistics of my last minute reservation. He shared really interesting facts and anecdotes about the abandoned buildings we were able to tour. I would highly recommend this tour for both the creepy fascinating rooms and ruins as well as the highly informational tour.” ~ Jessica W.

“Fantastic tour - Our guide Barbara was really passionate and really good at sharing her knowledge - So amazing to discover all the JR art pieces along the visit as well - Thanks for this great experience!” ~ J. Dumas


“This tour was very interesting!! Our tour guide Barbara was so very into the history of Ellis island, you couldn't help but follow her lead. She not only gave you the typical history lesson (dates and numbers) but also personalized it so you could feel the anxiety, fear and excitement that the immigrants felt on this journey.” ~ K2mgmc


“It was awesome!!! So much more than I ever thought it could be. Our tour guy was one of the most interesting people I have ever met. Great stories and amazing knowledge. Highly recommend!” ~ Gail H.


“Great time...something unusual, informative, and great fun! Fantastic guide and would definitely recommend to anyone!” ~ Cristin R.

“We had an amazing time this past weekend at the Abandoned Ellis Island Hospital Tour. We've always been curious to attend this tour since it does offer some access to some secret spots. The Guide was fantastic, with complete knowledge of the history behind Ellis Island. We had access to out of bound spots which gave us the opportunity of taking super unique pictures! The tour lasted a bit more than 1.5h and the guide didn't seem to try and rush things. He was taking his time with us and answering all the questions the group had. It's great for couples, family, kids, friends, to go alone (I was alone), and event for businesses that want unique tours for employees or clients. The tour was literally fantastic!” ~ Behind The Scenes NYC


“Very informative and amazing to feel so close to a part of our history. Great subjects for photos! Would definitely recommend!” ~ Alicia R


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