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As a nation, we protect our heritage to ensure a more complete understanding of the forces that shape our lives and future. National parks are pivotal institutions created for that purpose, chapters in the ever-expanding story of America. It is the founding mission of the National Park Service to insure that these special places will never be diminished, and will be available forever to inspire and inform future generations.

Since 1916, the National Park Service has been entrusted with the care of our national parks. With the help of volunteers and partners, the National Park Service safeguards them and shares their stories with more than 275 million visitors every year. Rethinking the National Parks for the 21st Century –

Save Ellis Island is a partner of the National Park Service on Ellis Island. Our mission is to assist the National Park Service in the restoration and preservation of this great national treasure – Ellis Island.

We raise the money and oversee the restoration and rehabilitation, manage the maintenance of the restored and unrestored buildings on the south side of Ellis Island and develop and administer education programs for schoolchildren and adults on the history of immigration through Ellis Island.

To accomplish this formidable task, we rely on private funding.

Help us help you...

Companies that demonstrate their commitment to various causes are perceived as more philanthropic than companies whose corporate social responsibility endeavors are nonexistent.

By publicizing your efforts and letting the general public know about your philanthropy, your company increases the chances of becoming favorable in the eyes of consumers.

Positive social responsibility improves a company’s public image and relationship with consumers.

When your company shows its dedication to improving the community through corporate giving programs (like matching gifts and volunteer grants!), you are more likely to attract and retain valuable, hardworking, and engaged employees.

Save Ellis Island has 35 volunteers who assist us with education programs and projects on Ellis Island. Many of our volunteers earn matching dollars for every hour volunteered. This program is a huge help and provides thousands of dollars annually towards our mission.

When your company donates money to nonprofit organizations and encourages your employees to volunteer their time, you demonstrate to your investors that you do not just care about profits. Instead, you’re showing that you have an interest in the local and global community.

Saving our National Parks is more than a priority it is our civic duty. Help us to Save All of Ellis Island by becoming a corporate partner today!  Help leave the legacy of Ellis Island to this and future generations.

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“PVH, in the name of its Arrow brand, is honored to be a part of this remarkable endeavor and proud to help champion the cause of this national treasure.” ~ Manny Chirico, Chief Executive Officer, PVH

Ellis Island is an intrinsic element of the uniquely American immigrant spirit and preserving this landmark for future generations is something that we all need to rally around.” ~ Bill Bradley – US Senator



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