Etsaput (All in the Pot)

Etsaput (All in the Pot)

Published in The Ellis Island Immigrant Cookbook this recipe comes from Rachelle Schopp of Bradenton, Florida. In 1910 Rachelle’s father, Charles L. DePauw, came to the U.S. from Wateruliet, Belgium.

Belgian immigrants had this dish in their homes very often.

Etsaput (All in the Pot)

1 ham bone
1 stalk celery
2 bunches carrots
1 large head cabbage
6 cups ham, diced
2 or 3 medium-size onions
8 medium-size potatoes


  1. Place bone and ham in large kettle. 

  2. Cover with water. 

  3. Add chopped onions and diced celery. 

  4. Simmer for several hours. 

  5. Add sliced carrots, diced potatoes and chopped cabbage to broth. 

  6. Cook for one hour. 

  7. Remove ham bone. 

  8. Let simmer until vegetables are tender.  Long cooking time will improve flavor.

"So simple, but so filling and good! One of the special things I can remember of my mother is the smell of this cooking in her kitchen."


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