BrightView Landscapes Donates their Time and Services to Help Clean up the South Side of Ellis Island

BrightView Landscapes Donates their Time and Services to Help Clean up the South Side of Ellis Island

Save Ellis Island would like to thank the staff at BrightView Landscapes for generously donating their time to clean up the lawns on the south side of Ellis Island.

On Wednesday, August 3, 2022 a group of 20 of BrightView’s staff volunteered their own time to cut down, mow and trim the overgrown lawns that surround the historic Ellis Island Hospital. 

“We were honored to lend our expertise to help revitalize Ellis Island’s south side. BrightView has a long history of working to beautify and preserve iconic landmarks and historical sites, so naturally we were eager to provide our landscaping maintenance assistance when approached by Save Ellis Island. Ellis Island is a national treasure, and we look forward to continuing to support Save Ellis Island’s mission.” ~ James Horne, Branch Manager, BrightView Landscapes, Hillside, NJ

On behalf of everyone at Save Ellis Island, our sincere thanks to the crew: Aaron Madill, Aaron Quade, Al Michalik, Andre Evans, Bryan Schaid, Chris Cunha, Dan Silva, Emanuel Duah, Enrique Lainez, Giovanni Rodriguez, Jim Horne, Joe Timmons, Kyle Nagle, Melesio Rodriguez, Ron Narolewski, Ryan Santo, Scott Burdian and Tom Oberschmidt. Thank you also to Pat Keigher, Business Developer of BrightView Landscape Services and Lisa Parker, Field Marketing Manager, for their help in coordinating a truly successful day. 

Your time and dedication to the project and to Save Ellis Island is greatly appreciated.

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Thank you BrightView Landscapes!

Preserving Ellis Island’s South Side