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The Edge of Lost by Kristina McMorris
Thursday, April 22, 2021 ~ 7:00 p.m. ET

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Kristina McMorris is an acclaimed author of two novellas and five historical novels, including The Edge of Lost and Sold on a Monday, which celebrated five months on the New York Times and USA Today bestsellers lists, with well over half-a-million copies sold. Initially inspired by her grandparents’ WWII courtship letters, her works of fiction have garnered more than twenty national literary awards. Prior to her writing career, she owned a wedding-and-event planning company until she had far surpassed her limit of YMCA and chicken dances. She also worked as a PR director of an international conglomerate, as well as a weekly TV-show host for Warner Bros. and an ABC affiliate, beginning at age nine with an Emmy Award-winning program. She lives in Oregon with her husband and their two sons, ages fifteen and seventeen going on forty.


Goldberger’s War: The Life and Work of a Public Health Crusader by Alan M. Kraut
Thursday, May 20, 2021 ~ 7:00 p.m. EST

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Alan M. Kraut is Distinguished Professor of History at American University and a Non-Resident Fellow of the Migration Policy Institute. Specializing in immigration, ethnic history and the history of medicine in the United States, he is the author or editor of nine books and many scholarly articles. Volumes include: The Huddled Masses: The Immigrant in American Society, 1880-1921 (1982, 2nd edition, 2001); Silent Travelers: Germs, Genes, and the “Immigrant Menace” (1994);  Goldberger’s War: The Life and Work of a Public Health Crusader (2003); and Covenant of Care: Newark Beth Israel and the Jewish Hospital in America (co-authored), and, most recently, Ethnic Historians and the Mainstream: Shaping America’s Immigration Story (2013). He is currently writing a history of xenophobia and nativism throughout American history.

Among the awards his publications have received are the Theodore Saloutos Prize (Immigration and Ethnic History Society), the Henry Adams Prize (Society for History in the Federal Government), the Arthur Viseltear Prize (American Public Health Association), and the Author’s Award from the New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance. 

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Dr. Kraut’s research has been supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Smithsonian Institution, and the National Institutes of Health. He is a past President of the Organization of American Historians and serves as the current president of the National Coalition for History. He chairs the History Advisory Committee of the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.

He is an elected fellow of the Society of American Historians. In 2017 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Immigration and Ethnic History Society.

Lorie Conway, Forgotten Ellis Island 

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“How rare it is to find an absolutely fascinating story that has never been told.” 

~ Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin

Forgotten Ellis Island tells the lost story of the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital that saved tens of thousands of lives as immigrants flooded onto Ellis Island a century ago. It was here that the germs of the world converged. The hospital was both welcoming and foreboding to those too sick to enter the country. Those nursed to health were allowed to become citizens. Those deemed feeble of body or mind were deported.

Three short decades after it opened, the Ellis Island Hospital was all but abandoned. As America began shutting its border to all but a favored few, the hospital fell into disuse and decay and then into emptiness, its medical wards left open only to the salt air of the New York Harbor. For two years, author Lorie Conway filmed exclusive video of the abandoned hospital buildings for the companion film (also available here) to this book. With many never-seen-before photographs and video, Forgotten Ellis Island tells the untold story of the hospital's immigrant patients, their families, and medical staff. 

“To those who went through it,” said former patient John Henry Wilberding, “it was one of the most precious gifts you were given because when you were sick, you couldn't do anything about it. But here is a place that rescued you. That made you feel good that you were still being cared for and in a strange place thousands of miles away from home. People can never say that America isn't a place of compassion and understanding, because they certainly proved it there.”

Forgotten Ellis Island is a powerful tribute to the best and worst of America's dealings with its new citizens-to-be.

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