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Since 2000, Save Ellis Island has been working in partnership with the National Park Service to continue the important work of preserving Ellis Island, it’s many memories, and it’s rich history. Ellis Island is a vessel for the stories of our past; a voice for the men, women, and children who immigrated to the United States from 1892 to 1954; a symbol of immigration for all people today hoping to find peace, freedom, and a better life.

Corporate Partner Programs

In 2006 the Phillips Van Heusen Corporation, through its Arrow brand, donated $500,000 to Save Ellis Island to complete the restoration of the Ferry Building on Ellis Island.

Shortly after that first donation, the campaign to raise awareness and financial support for the restoration of the unrestored buildings on Ellis Island was created and sponsored by the Phillips Van Heusen Corporation. “We Are Ellis Island,” a multi-media production – photographed by Richard Phibbs and directed by Ben Orisich – was shot on Ellis Island through simultaneous recording of print, film and video sessions. Actors Christian Slater, Richard Belzer, Carmine Giovinazzo, Federico Castelluccio, John Ventimiglia, Vincent Curatola, Steve Schirripa, Tony award winner John Lloyd Young, Kristin Cavallari and Katherine McPhee joined over thirty Americans from across the country for this very special awareness campaign.

The message – a call to action to save one of America’s most cherished national icons – Ellis Island.

We are grateful and thankful to all who participated and all who made it possible for Save Ellis Island and the National Park Service to restore and beneficially reuse the Ferry Building – the “Gateway” to America.

Restoration of the Ferry Building was made possible by grants from the following: The Phillips Van Heusen Corporation – The National Park Service – Travelers Conservation Fund – Grassman Trust – Union Foundation – Hyde and Watson Foundation – The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Lowe’s and the Save Ellis Island Membership.

“PVH, in the name of its Arrow brand, is honored to be a part of this remarkable endeavor and proud to help champion
the cause of this national treasure.”
– Manny Chirico, Chief Executive Officer, PVH

Ellis Island is an intrinsic element of the uniquely American immigrant spirit and preserving this landmark for future generations
is something that we all need to rally around.”

– Bill Bradley – US Senator

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In-kind Donations

As Save Ellis Island works to raise funds to restore all of the buildings, many companies are supporting the project with in-kind donations of materials and labor. We’re grateful to the skilled tradespeople who have contributed to maintaining and improving Ellis Island’s unrestored buildings and grounds. Though access to the unrestored buildings is currently limited to tours for participants of our educational programs, this work helps pave the way toward bringing more visitors to the South Side for future public programs.

For example… on Saturday, August 9, August 2014, Landscapers from A-L Services of Parsippany, NJ cleared overgrowth from the grounds surrounding Ellis Island’s historic hospital buildings, while carpenters from East Hanover, NJ-based construction services company Structure Tone installed temporary flooring in the Contagious Disease Wards’ Administration Building and repaired damages caused by hurricane Sandy to stabilized windows.

Click here to view a photo gallery of some of the work that was completed.

Corporate gifts to Ellis Island

Our thanks go out to John Schneyer, Bill Schneyer, Steve Neeson, John White, Jr., Brian Neil, Brian Neil Jr, Patrick Ranft, Richard Vielma, Mathew Kathenes. John McCord, James Stabenow, Javier Colon Mercado, David Olan Ortiz, Manuel Portillo, Sergio Yanez, Ronald Gonzalaz, Jamie Martinez, Michael Estrada, Juan Mendez, Samuel Molina, Justin Ackerman, Neftali Mendez and Roberto Molina. A very special thanks to Mable Goode and David Caruso of the National Park Service; SEI Board Member Joanne Del Rio, who arranged the day; and SEI President Janis Calella.

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Your Support Helps

Thanks to your support, your membership, and your annual gifts, Save Ellis Island has made great strides and will continue our work to preserve one of America’s most cherished, historical treasures.

With the work to rescue the buildings and begin their rehabilitation underway, Save Ellis Island seized the opportunity to bring new programs to the park. In 2005, Save Ellis Island offered its first Professional Development Workshop for educators. Using the power of the extraordinary hospital buildings on Ellis Island as the setting for exploring issues of immigration past and present with teachers, Save Ellis Island programs have received high praise from educators and institutions throughout the United States and abroad.

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From 1892 to 1954, over 12 million immigrants entered USA through the portal of Ellis Island in New York Harbor

We are part of America's story

Ellis Island tells the story of the journey of millions of men, women and children from around the world who sought a new future on these shores.

Walking around these buildings we're not just talking about history-visitors are able to touch, feel, and understand in a way that connects them to the past. As we rebuild parts of Ellis Island, we are rebuilding its legacy and revitalizing living landmarks to a world gone by. Save Ellis Island is working to create a destination that echoes the beacon of hope that it once was for nearly twelve million immigrants and continues to be for the nearly two million visitors each year.

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