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Posted on October 4, 2016 at 12:36 pm

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Every day we meet people who ask how can they help us restore the historic buildings on Ellis Island’s south side.   The answer is easy – donate.  Any gift no matter how small is important and appreciated.  In 2014 we opened The Ellis Island Hospital to the public for the first time in over sixty years. How did we do this?  Again, the answer is easy – we did it with your donations.  You are the reason we are able to take tens of thousands of visitors annually through the historic hospital buildings.

In 2016 we restored the historic Hospital Laundry Building, before that we restored the Ferry Building.  While restoring and reopening these buildings, our foundation has completed numerous projects and programs on Ellis Island for the benefit of public education and enjoyment.  We could not do this without your help. 

Our current project is the restoration of the Outdoor Recreation Shelter.  The project cost is $1,052,515 – restoration is not cheap.   Thanks in part to the state of New Jersey Green Acres Fund and the Achelis and Bodman Foundation, we’ve raised $525,000 towards this project.  To make use of this funding, we must $577,515 or lose the grant.

We’re asking you to help us complete this project by making a donation now to the Outdoor Recreation Shelter campaign.  Donations may be made on our website or by mail to Save Ellis Island, 31 US Highway 206 Suite 3E, Augusta, NJ 07822.

If you would like to become an Outdoor Recreation Shelter Founding Donor with a donation of $10,000 or more, please contact our President, Janis Calella at 973 383-1080.

Please click below to contribute to the Outdoor Recreation Shelter project:

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