Recreation Shelter and Green Space

Rec Center

The restoration of the Outdoor Recreation Shelter and lawn will allow the public to visit the historic interior lawn area comprised of approximately 4 acres of open space plus an additional 3.4 acres of open space adjacent to the lawn. This will allow SEI to expand its programs and activities to include use of this large interior courtyard area of the hospital and enable the public to enjoy the magnificent vistas and to view the entire hospital complex, including the infectious and contagious disease wards.

Rec Center Pavillion - Rehabilitation of Ellis Island

The Recreation Shelter, built in 1937 was intended to serve as an outdoor shelter allowing patients to enjoy social activities and fresh air recreation during their stay in the hospital. The structure is an open shelter constructed of brick and pre cast ornamental terracotta with a concrete ceiling and enclosed storage rooms at each end.

Ellis Island's rehabilitation project.

The restoration scope of work includes repair of the brick and terra cotta structure, installation of a new roof and associated roof drainage, upgrading of the electrical system, lighting and window and door restoration. Existing finishes such as plaster walls, wood, concrete flooring, and concrete or suspended ceilings will be restored. New partitions, interior doors and frames, and wood trim will be installed as required.

Lawn and Courtyard

The lawn situated between islands 2 & 3 is comprised of approximately 4 acres of open courtyard area plus an additional 3.4 acres of adjacent open space. The current work will consist of tree pruning and feeding as well as removal of select trees and stumps.

View of the Open Space and Part of the Recreation Pavilion Looking East

The open space of the hospital complex is significant. Ellis Island provides visitors spectacular views of New York harbor including the Statue of Liberty, the New York skyline, the Jersey City skyline, Liberty State Park with the Liberty Science Center and the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal and the variety of boats and ships that use the harbor. As the Hudson River waterfront was a bustling commercial area for most of the 19th and 20th centuries, it is only recently that significant portions of the New Jersey waterfront have been reclaimed for public use and enjoyment.

With a $475,000 Green Acres grant in hand, SEI is currently seeking the balance of funds required to restore the Outdoor Recreation Pavilion and lawn.

From 1892 to 1954, over 12 million immigrants entered USA through the portal of Ellis Island in New York Harbor

We are part of America's story

Ellis Island tells the story of the journey of millions of men, women and children from around the world who sought a new future on these shores.

Walking around these buildings we're not just talking about history-visitors are able to touch, feel, and understand in a way that connects them to the past. As we rebuild parts of Ellis Island, we are rebuilding its legacy and revitalizing living landmarks to a world gone by. Save Ellis Island is working to create a destination that echoes the beacon of hope that it once was for nearly twelve million immigrants and continues to be for the nearly two million visitors each year.

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